Coaching leaders

Many talented people reach positions of leadership without specific or deep preparation
for the role. I work with clients to help them identify and choose the development path needed to meet their personal, business and leadership challenges. Coaching gives
new and potential leaders the opportunity to reflect on their role and their feelings of responsibility as a leader - who they are and wish to become as a leader.

My clients appreciate our work together as a developmental thinking partnership.
They value having an objective sounding board to deepen and challenge their own
thinking. A private, reflective space for generative and restorative dialogue.

My approach is based on a deep understanding of:

• Business and organisational context and complexity
• Human and psychological factors
• Directive and non-directive coaching skills
• Core principles of leadership and management

What range of themes can the coaching address?

In general terms my coaching is focused on raising awareness and confidence in both
the craft of leadership (clarifying and honing the skills, techniques and approaches that
will work for you) and on developing the person of the leader. What could be thought
of as the doing and being aspects of leadership respectively.

The start point for my work with individuals can come from any
number of perceived needs and development goals. By way of example
they can include:

• Finding and developing your own purpose and voice as a leader
• Managing difficult and/or key stake holder relationships
• Creating conditions where people can excel
• Articulating and communicating strategy more effectively
• Developing senior team engagement, cohesion and performance
• Developing emotional literacy for technical/task-oriented leaders
• Succession planning – next step preparation for key individuals
• Managing wellbeing - reducing stress/improving life balance
• Preparation for important ‘one-off’ events (key meetings, presentations, conferences)